10 great WordPress frontend plugins

Display existing content in a smart way and add new content types with these WordPress frontend plugins.

New content types and a new twist to the existing

In WordPress, you can create posts, pages, categories and tags, as well as upload media such as images, documents, audio and video files. You might display your posts on a blog page, and create menu items for your pages.

WordPress Post Types

All this content belongs to Post Types. WordPress has made it easy to add new content types, e.g. a table or order form, in a standardized way. This content can be displayed or searched, just like all your other content. Put simply, the different plugins in WordPress can “talk to each other” even if they don’t really know each other, and that makes for impressive flexibility.

Smart display of existing content

The list on this page contains high-quality front-end plugins that allow you to display your existing content in a new and smarter way. For example:

  • Different footers on different pages.
  • Via “ajax search” that searches while you type.
  • In a “lightbox” that pops up when you click on an image or video.

The opportunities to improve the user experience are many, fun and tempting, just as you risk ending up with a messy affair. So be thorough and test well.

Technical requirements for all recommended frontend plugins

If a plugin is cumbersome to use, if it spits out broken HTML code, or it doesn’t work across operating systems and browsers, it won’t make the list. I have relatively high standards for the plugins I use, and currently all of the ones listed meet the following:

  • WordPress 6.4.x compatible
  • PHP 8.2 compatible
  • Valid HTML5 output according to validator.w3.org
  • Easy to style with CSS
  • Responsive output that works on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • By default, not dependent on external resources (javascript, fonts)
  • Sets no cookies by default – GDPR compliant

The list – with links to WordPress.org

Advanced Custom Fields banner

Advanced Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields for existing Post Types. Widely used plugin with great support in other plugins and themes.

Ajax Search Lite banner

Ajax Search Lite

Smart search box that displays results as you type. Has an incredible number of options and can be adapted to any need.

Content Aware Sidebars banner

Content Aware Sidebars

Choose different widgets for different pages, posts, categories and custom post types, and serve relevant content.

Easy Fancybox banner

Easy FancyBox

Automatic or manual lightbox for images, video, inline html and more, for better performance and privacy.

Email Address Encoder banner

Email Address Encoder

Protect email addresses and mailto links from email harvesters trying to collect email addresses for spam.

Password Protected

Password Protected

Protect access to your WordPress site with a password. Perfect for development or archived websites.

Banner with the text 'Custom order for posts, pages, WooCommerce products and all other custom post types'

Real Custom Post Order

Create a customized order of your content by dragging and dropping pages, posts and custom post types.

Pods Framework Banner

Pods Framework

Create Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, or extend existing data types with new fields. Relationships.

Further reading: Pods Framework and the WordPress block editor

TablePress banner


Create simple and advanced tables, import/export data to Excel or CSV. Responsive and robust.

WS Form Lite Banner

WS Form Lite

Modern form tool that is easy to use. Built with performance, web accessibility and GDPR in mind.

See selected plugins in action

I test these and other plugins at oldrup.net where I evaluate frontend and backend plugins with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.


Granted, Advanced Custom Fields and the Pods Framework are advanced stuff. But you can easily add tables, forms or relevant related news and give your content new life.

Remember: if you enjoy a plugin, share your experience with the developer. At the very least, provide a good review on WordPress.org, contribute to support – it won’t cost you anything, or donate an amount.

Was there anything you could use? Then please share the article.

Bjarne Oldrup

Bjarne Oldrup

Bjarne is a web developer with a passion for a sustainable, inclusive and respectful internet.

With a background as a computer technician, graduating in 1992, he has worked as a programmer, system administrator and network specialist. Today, he focuses on website carbon footprint, web accessibility and GDPR compliance.

For the past decade, Bjarne has primarily worked for medium-sized companies until, in 2021, together with Lars Bengtsson, he went freelance at the company SustainableWeb.dk to help customers with their websites' carbon footprint and to further develop and communicate healthy web habits.

WordPress, HTML, CSS and LiteSpeed web servers are Bjarne's favourite tools, and the open-source community is his comfort zone.

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