Bjarne Oldrup · WordPress developer in Sønderborg

Comitted to five core values

With five core values throughout the development process, I strive to build better solutions for people, the planet and your organization:

1. Build a sustainable and efficient internet

Choose hosting that is powered by 100% renewable energy. Optimize media used and continuously measure results. Build long-lasting solutions.

Bjarne takes a walk in Sønderskoven, Sønderborg

2. Include everybody

Comply with the laws on web accessibility. Be careful with content and structure. Apply WCAG tests regularly.

3. Respect the right to privacy

Do not store more personal data than necessary, and no longer than required. Put the user in control. Do not share data with third parties.

4. Make it user-friendly

Keep it simple. Offer a familiar user experience. Follow open standards and be consistent about it.

5. Build in resilience

Make sure websites work when and where people need them. Keep an eye on uptime and performance. Backup and update regularly.

What I do and what technologies I use

I build efficient WordPress websites

Using Custom Post Types with Advanced Custom Fields or Pods Framework. I master Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks, Oxygen Builder and Divi. Familiar with Ajax Live Search, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), WooCommerce, localization, migration from Drupal and other CMS, data export/import, and integrations with third-party tools such as newsletters, booking, and online payment.

I apply open and modern web technologies

Including valid semantic HTML5, CSS grid, flex box and custom properties. Use of progressive enhancement and support for widely used browser engines Blink (Chrome, Edge), Webkit (Safari) and Gecko (Firefox). I continuously test in Google Lighthouse for performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO

I take responsibility for the trouble-free operation

Including reliable hosting, SSL certificates and encryption, WordPress core, PHP, plugin and theme updates, fine-tuned firewall, two-factor authentication, principle of the least privilege, off-site backup through FTP or the cloud, and uptime monitoring with alarms, all for reliable non-stop operations.


I take on projects in Sønderborg or remotely. I am of course fully familiar with cloud solutions such as Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Meet, Teams and Zoom.

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Bjarne Oldrup, sitting in the forest some place Sønderborg