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All the listed WordPress plugins are in my opinion the best in their field, and they are all tested with WP 6.0 and PHP8

Why this list?

As a WordPress developer, I’m often asked for advice when people have been struggling with an issue for a long time. As widespread as WordPress is, there is almost always a tool that fits the task perfectly. Usually, there are actually many possible solutions, but it’s time-consuming to try them all.

Hence, this list. All the plugins mentioned are, in my opinion, the best in their field. I use them on at least a handful of websites, and have done so for a long time. The vast majority have thousands of users and active support.

Technical requirements for all recommended backend plugins

Backend plugins should save you hassle, not the other way around. That’s why I set some technical requirements, and if a plugin doesn’t meet them, I phase it out and find an alternative. All the listed plugins currently meet the following:

  • WordPress 6.0.x compatible
  • PHP 8.0 compatible
  • Sets no cookies by default – GDPR-compliant
  • Does not introduce any unreasonable performance loss
  • Can be enabled/disabled as needed without breaking your website
  • Any HTML output is valid according to

But, isn’t it a bit frontend too?

The listed plugins improve your WordPress dashboard by adding functionality not built into WordPress core, but of course – translating texts with Loco Translate, uploading SVG image files with SafeSVG or changing the order of your posts with Simple Custom Post Order – affects the display of your content on the frontend. So depending on how they are used, most plugins can also be categorized as frontend plugins.

Admin Columns banner

Admin Columns

Customize the list of posts, pages and media to your needs. Add columns with featured image, excerpt, image dimensions, etc.

All-in-One WP Migration banner

All-in-One WP Migration

Export a complete website to a file and import it to a new address – perfect cloning or backup.

Antispam Bee banner

Antispam Bee

Remove comment spam automatically, without captchas, without sending data to 3rd parties. Free and GDPR-compliant.

Better Search Replace banner

Better Search Replace

Search and replace text on your site, for example from HTTP to HTTPS, or a URL that has changed. Use with caution.

Code Snippets banner

Code Snippets

An easy and safe way to add small “PHP snippets” to your site, without having to modify functions.php or create a child theme.

Loco Translate banner

Loco Translate

Translate texts in your theme and plugins, directly in your WordPress dashboard. Create .PO language files that survive updates.

Really Simple SSL banner

Really Simple SSL

Enable HTTPS once your web host has generated the SSL certificate and get the green padlock, simple.

Further reading: SSL certifikater og WordPress

Redirection banner


Manually create 301 (permanent) and 404 (not found) redirects if you have changed the URL or have broken links to your pages.

SafeSVG banner


Upload SVG image files to your media library. SVG scales perfectly, making it suitable for logos and illustrations.

Simple Custom CSS and JS banner

Simple Custom CSS and JS

Create small CSS and JS snippets, and turn them on/off as needed, in the header or footer. Really handy during development.

Super Progressiv Web Apps banner

Super Progressive Web Apps

Does your site work perfectly on mobile? Then turn it into a Progressive Web App for Android, iOS and ChromeOS.

Wordfence Security Banner

Wordfence Security

Firewall and malware scanner for your website. Keeps hackers out and alerts you if vulnerabilities are discovered.

Further reading: Wordfence Firewall and Security Scanner

WP-Matomo custom banner

WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik)

Use GDPR-compliant Matomo statistics instead of Google Analytics and view key metrics directly in your dashboard.

Experience selected plugins in action

I test these and other plugins at, where I test frontend and backend plugins in a WordPress environment with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.

In conclusion

If you manage a WordPress website, you’ll probably find a few useful plugins on this list. Remember: if you enjoy a plugin, let the developer know – at least with a proper review on You can also contribute in support, it’s free – or donate an amount to the developer, it’s often a pat on the back they appreciate.

Was there anything you could use? Or do you know a good backend plugin I should check out? Then leave a comment below.

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